Interview: Stephen Sheinbaum, Founder of Merchant Cash and Capital and Bizfi

The Federal Reserve recently signaled that it is likely to raise the target range for the federal funds rate this fall. The benchmark interest rate has been close to zero for more than seven years now.

Bizfi has been funding small businesses since 2005, when it was founded as Merchant Cash and Capital. Let’s Talk Payments spoke with Bizfi founder Stephen Sheinbaum about how small business will fare if interest rates rise.

LTP: Since Bizfi began in 2005, have you seen an increase in SMB/SME turning to alternative lending platforms?

Stephen: It’s been decades since small businesses had an easy time getting funding from a bank. But the consolidation and regulation that came with the recession made it even harder. The Treasury Department said recently that it costs banks about the same to underwrite a $5 million loan as a $200,000

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