When Doing Nothing Is a Great Thing for FinTech – Interview With Alexandra Villarreal O'Rourke, FinTech Lawyer

Did you know what a no-action letter is? Were you aware that the CFPB had an office of innovation? We recently caught up with Alexandra Villarreal O’Rourke, Financial Services Partner, FinTech Practice Group Co-leader at McGuireWoods, to learn more about the budding partnership of FinTech and the CFPB.

We love talking to Alex because she has a unique combination of technical, financial services, and legal expertise. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

Photo: Alexandra Villarreal O’Rourke, McGuireWoods

Patrick Rivenbark: Alex, thanks for joining us! Tell us a little bit about yourself first.

Alexandra Villarreal O’Rourke: Thanks for having me. I’m a partner at McGuireWoods, a national law firm with offices all over the country as well as London and Brussels. I co-lead our FinTech group which means I do a lot o ...

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