Enabling Payments Innovation Throughout the Americas – Interview With Anabel Perez, the CEO of NovoPayment

Dedicated to the global FinTech community, the LTP Team had the pleasure of speaking with Anabel Perez, the CEO of NovoPayment, on the lessons she learned running a FinTech startup, the challenges and opportunities for financial technology businesses in LATAM, and more.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Anabel!

LTP: What solutions does NovoPayment offer?

Anabel: We work with financial institutions and large enterprises in the banking, travel, retail, and telecommunications industries. Our platform enables new and integrated digital financial and transactional services, allowing organizations to innovate more quickly and efficiently.

We also offer advisory services to help clients define the right technical and financial models for their unique needs.

Source: NovoPayment

LTP: How did you get into this business?

Anabel: We started in 2004, creating technologies to support program managers in Latin America, mainly around cash management, mass disbursements and other bottlenecks related to the limited penetration of electronic payments. We had to overcome many gaps in the financial services value chain with our own investments in development and network infrastructure; global and local integrations, etc.

Today, we can deliver services under three models: White-Label, Modular (APIs) and Custom Solutions

LTP: What have been your biggest lessons along the way?

Anabel: Our years of experience working in the Americas have taught us the importance of having a holistic approach to solving client’s problems, but also being agile enough in our business and delivery model to address more narrow pain points in different markets.

LTP: What do you think are the main challenges for a FinTech in LATAM? Anabel:

  • Fragmented markets: different currencies, regulations, networks and business culture.
  • An underdeveloped and somewhat closed payments and financial services infrastructure. When you find an important problem to solve, you often find the lack of interoperability between systems.
  • Pressure to innovate: Banks and FIs face increasing the threat of various digital disruptors, and a better customer experience. But, the openness and interconnectedness required to address these factors often create a degree of uncertainty, which can take time to demystify, explain and overcome.

LTP: With FinTech meaning so many things to so many people, how do you define NovoPayment?

Anabel: We’re focused on financial and transaction-related problems, particularly as they relate to mass disbursement, collection, and cash conversion.

We’re unlike traditional payments processors and legacy banking technology because our technology is backed by a customizable, business rules-driven open architecture that is bank-grade, PCI-certified and interconnected with payment and mobile networks to help our clients develop, deploy and manage specialized applications without the demands of designing, building, or maintaining an entire infrastructure (hardware, software, networking, security, and manpower).

LTP: What is it that differentiates NovoPayment from other FinTechs?

Anabel: Our platform is modular, cloud-based, multi-country, multi-currency to help clients quickly configure what they need to deploy new localized services, and essential middle and back office services to support day-to-day operations and new ecosystems.

We’re well established in and recognized in our field – more than 70 program deployments; more than 9,000 corporate users of our platform; and 2017 Pay Awards Best in Category winner for Outstanding White-Label Platform.

Finally, we’re constantly evolving, making it easier for others to leverage our technology and know-how for their own ends.