Interview with Anand Ramakrishnan, CEO of Opus Consulting: Getting the Ecosystem Ready for EMV, 100% Commitment to Payments and More…

In May 2014, MasterCard announced the acquisition of ElectraCard Services Private Limited (ECS), a leading provider of software solutions and processing services headquartered in Pune, India. ECS was a subsidiary of Opus Consulting Solutions, which is a leading payments domain-focused, technology-services provider in the US today. Opus Consulting Solutions recently announced the accomplishment of their MasterCard Emerging Payment Support Accreditation

(MEPSA). Against the backdrop of the company undergoing rebranding and its new partnership with MasterCard, we had an opportunity to interview CEO Anand Ramakrishnan to gain deeper insights into Opus Consulting’s future plans around EMV migration in the US and its commitment to the payments industry.

LTP: Can you shed some light on your recent MasterCard Emerging Payment Support Accreditation (MEPSA)? Was it a difficult and a stringent process and how long have you been trying to get the accreditation?

Anand Ramakrishnan: It’s a fairly extensive process. If you see the EMV world in the US, there is very limited acceptability for EMV technology to a point that US is the only country that hasn’t deployed chip-and-PIN yet. EMV migration will take out the counterfeiting side of the fraud but what that leads to essenti ...

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