Interview With Ankur Saxena, CEO of Oxigen Wallet

There have been a number of service providers trying to get the larger share of wallet transactions. At LTP, we have been tracking this space. Recently, we had an opportunity to talk with Ankur Saxena, the CEO of Oxigen Wallet, about how their company views the mobile payments market and their penetration strategies. Oxigen was one of the first wallet solutions to be launched in India and has a large retail network of more than 200,000 outlets.

LTP: According to you, what would be the selling point or a POD between Oxigen and other wallet solutions like Paytm, MobiKwik, etc.? We believe the one difference could be social payments, but how do you view that market in India?

Ankur Saxena: Oxigen came up with the concept of OxiCash, one of the first digital wallet solutions in the country. We launched it in 2008, long before RBI came up with a PPI license concept. We have been at this for a very long time and the form ...

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