Exclusive Interview with CEO of Currency Cloud: International Remittances, APIs and More

In June 2015, we published the news that a UK-based international remittance FinTech company, Currency Cloud, raised $18 Million in Series C to expand in the U.S. We have followed this space diligently and recently, we had an opportunity to chat with Mike Laven, CEO of Currency Cloud. In an expansive discussion with LTP co-founder, Amit Goel, Mike shared insights into the business model of Currency Cloud, importance of APIs in banking and payments, competitors in the space and many other things. Here’s an exclusive transcription of the interview with Mike:

LTP: What's the story behind the startup?

Mike Laven: Our story starts with FX Capital Group, a brokerage firm founded by Nigel Verdon that believed that there was a fundamental problem in the way international payments are made. FX Capital realized that the future of international payments lay in technology, and customers were consistently being underserved by traditional providers. It knew, too ...

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