Interview with Chris Horlacher, Founder and CEO of Equibit

1. To start, could you provide a brief about EDC and its blockchain-based securities exchange service?

EDC is the company behind Equibit, a peer-to-peer securities registry that works alongside bitcoin and Bitmessage to deliver a complete investor relations service to private issuers. These stocks trade in a market that is many times larger than that of the public exchanges and is known as over-the-counter (OTC). While extremely large, this market can be rather cumbersome and expensive to deal in; Equibit has been designed with these problems in mind.

2. Could you explain how the overall flow of process should be for a company/investor to issue/buy shares on EDC?

Step one would be obtaining some Equibits. They could purchase them from another user, or start running the Eb.CORE software and mine some of their own. The Equibit blockchain is very similar to bitcoin but with two key differences. The units contain fields for iss ...

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