The Payments Industry Has a Place for Any New Solution That Actually Solves a Need

On the future of business, omnichannel commerce, and the role of company culture in facilitating sustainable growth in a rapidly changing environment, the LTP Team had the pleasure of interview Drew Sementa, the CEO of Tidal Commerce, a payments technology company that offers a wide variety of payment processing solutions for merchants of all sizes, saving clients on average >30% on their credit card processing fees when they switch. With over a decade of industry experience and an A+ Rating from the BBB, Tidal Commerce is trusted by over 1000 merchants and processes over $1B annually.

Elena Mesropyan: Drew, for the part of our audience that may not be familiar with Tidal Commerce, please give us an overview of the company – what products and solutions are you offering, the target customer, the scale of the company and partnerships, etc. Does Tidal Comme ...

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