Solving the Last Mile: Blockchain, Identity, and Dignity

A lot of people, companies, and consortiums are trying to make blockchain a viable business. There are proof of concepts, innovation labs, and tinkers with promising ideas (and results). But everyone keeps waiting for the sustainable, viable, in production blockchain business. Who can figure it out?

What if I told you there was a real, live, revenue-generating, blockchain company with customers. What if told you it was growing? Not only that, what if I told you that this company’s business model is serving the world’s most disadvantaged people – refugees, the unbanked, and the extremely poor? This company exists. The company is BanQu.

BanQu’s vision is creating dignity through identity. At its core, BanQu leverages blockchain to bring transparency to the first and last mile of economic activity, enabling anyone in the world to prove (and own) their identity, their economic history, and their network. Over the last eight months, we at LTP have had the privilege of getting to know the BanQu Team and its co-founders, Ashish Gadnis, Jeff Keiser, and Hamse Warfa. We recently sat down with Hamse to understand BanQu, in the words of a co-founder.

LTP: Hamse, ...
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