Banks, FinTech and Small-Business Finance – Interview With Janet Zablock, Head of Global Small Business, Visa

Small businesses present a strong community-building and economy-driving force in any nation. Countries that were able to establish the most business-friendly regulatory environments for setting up and running a business are often indicated as the most prosperous. The small business ecosystem represents 99.7% of all US businesses, making it a massive industry to support. In the past few years, financial institutions and FinTech startups came together to bring efficiency into small business operations and extend affordable financing options to support entrepreneurial talent.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Janet Zablock about banks, FinTech and the small business community. Janet is the Head of Global Small Business at Visa [Janet officially left Visa on May 1st of 2017], and currently, an Independent Board member at Nav Inc.

Elena Mesropyan: Janet, tell us about yourself – your background, your work with Visa, and now, an independent board member at Nav. Also, for the part of our audience that may not be familiar with Nav, please give a brief introduction of the company.

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