Exclusive Interview With Jason Henrichs, Co-Founder of FinTEx Chicago

The more people you meet from the Chicago FinTech scene, the more it draws you in. I really enjoyed my conversation with Jason Henrichs who is involved with a lot of organizations in Chicago, fostering their unique FinTech ecosystem. I hope you all enjoy the conversation; I certainly learned a lot.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Patrick Rivenbark: Congratulations on the launch of Currency! Before we talk about Currency, can you just tell us a little bit about FinTEx?

Jason Henrichs: FinTEx is a non-profit membership association that holds together the very diverse, rich FinTech and financial services community within Chicago. It provides a unified voice, raising Chicago’s visibility, promoting the great things that are going on here and the region. We’re building greater connectivity; the community serving as a single point of access for those outside the region looking to do business here. Our founding members range from the really big companies like CME, Morningstar, Envestnet, to the rising stars like AvantCredit, down to the startups.

PR: Chicago is interesting. I call it a "quiet giant." Deloitte ranked Chicago as one of the top 5 global hubs for FinTech but it doesn't get the same media buzz and att ...

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