Capabilities, Compliance & Collaboration in – Exclusive Interview With JP Nicols

The LTP Team had the pleasure of speaking with JP Nicols, Managing Director of FinTech Forge and Chairman of Next Money as the Next Money team prepares for their upcoming event in Chicago.

The LTP Team is very proud to be partners, and we hope to see you at the event!

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On to the conversation!

Patrick Rivenbark: JP, thanks for joining us. We’re excited about Next Money Chicago! For those who don’t know you, tell us who you are and all the great things you do for FinTech.

JP Nicols: Yes! I am Chairman of Next Money, a global community dedicated to reinventing finance through design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We have run great events on six continents and both coasts of the US, but this is our first time bringing Next Money to Chicago.

I spent 20 years helping to grow a small regional bank into a global leader, from a few hundred million dollars in market value to over sixty billion. My last official job title was Chief Private Banking Officer, but what I enjoyed the most were my informal roles in innovation and helping a lot of smart people build and execute on their innovation capacity, and fighting what I like to call The Business Prevention Department.

Now my main ‘day job’ is managing director of FinTech Forge, where we help incumbent players in financial services innovate internally and with partners. I’m also a regular host of Breaking Banks, the world’s first global FinTech podcast, and I teach a class on FinTech and innovation at some of the leading graduate sch ...

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