Fraud Detection to Payments Processing - a Natural Extension for The ai Corporation

As ai Corporation expands its footprint into payments processing, the company is looking at converting its core competency of using ML for fraud detection as its USP. Exploring new geographies, it has partnered with Quatrro, understanding that partnerships are the need of the hour as they strengthen both the parties’ position.

Nidhi Prabhu: It is good to have you with us today, Mark. Could you please tell us something about The ai Corporation, and your journey in the payments space?

Mark Goldspink: The ai Corporation has been around for about 20 years. I used to work for a company called Retail Decisions, which is pretty well known in the payments world. I was Managing Director for their payments and fraud screening business, which was bought by ACI in 2012. I joined ai in 2013 with the responsibility of turning it into something big and great, just like the Quatrro Company. And that’s what I am trying to do now.

The ai Corporation was originally a product-only business. We are now moving into more of a service business, but we do not necessarily want people delivering our services. What we see is technology services, not BPO services. That is why we see the opportunity with Quatrro as being something that we can help build together. Essentially, we see ourselves as a technology company that will build the products and services ...

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