Exclusive Interview With Mr. Radi Abd El Haj, CEO & Executive Director at RS2

RS2, a global payments software and managed service provider has announced a tie-up with Quatrro Processing Services (Quatrro), a global FinTech company that specializes in full-service payment processing, to offer an end-to-end hosted credit card processing and acquiring technology platform for banks and financial institutions in India. Let’s Talk Payments interviewed Mr. Radi Abd El Haj, CEO & Executive Director of RS2, to unlock the strategy behind this move.

In the picture: Radi Abd El Haj, CEO & Executive Director, RS2

Mr. El Haj joined RS2 in 1997 as a Project Manager for Tier 1 European banks where he was responsible for the implementation of corporate card programs. He was later promoted to Customer Relationship Manager in 2002 and Head of Sales & Implementation in 2004.

In the cards and payments industry, Mr. El Haj specializes in the areas of Issuing, Acquiring, Clearing and Settlement, E-Commerce and Accounting. His international experience, professional contacts in various regions and working closely with the Technical and Product Development Units within the Group, have contributed in providing RS2’s clients with a global compliant platform. Mr. El Haj was appointed Chief Executive Office in January 2012.

Here are the excerpts from the interview conducted by Nidhi Prabhu, VP of Research at LTP:

Nidhi Prabhu: You have a channel-agnostic platform. From your insights into the markets, where do you see the card business heading?

Radi Abd El Haj: I don't think the card business will vanish for the next couple of years. Everyone is talking about mobile payments and other alternative payments, etc., but the card is still a very convenient ...

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