Exclusive Interview With Nishu Thukral, CEO & President of Pangea Money Transfer

International remittance has been a hot area of discussion in the FinTech communities over the years. The segment, once dominated by banks, has seen the emergence of a number of exciting FinTech players, who have revolutionized the market. Every now and then, we hear about new startups disrupting the market by means of their advanced technology-driven innovation.

We, at LTP, have always been fascinated by the opportunities in the modern remittance industry. By virtue of our domain expertise and the network of industry thought leaders, we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to insights and industry trends. Recently, we had an opportunity to interact with one such thought leader from the remittance industry: Mr. Nishu Thukral, CEO and President, Pangea Money Transfer.

In this article, we will share the excerpts of our discussion with Mr. Nishu Thukral.

LTP: What are your general thoughts on the growing role of foreign exchange and cross-border remittance?

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