Interview With Peter Burridge, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Hyperwallet

1. Could you provide us with a brief introduction to Hyperwallet, its services and the core problem that it tries to solve?

Peter Burridge: Hyperwallet is the world’s first purpose-built payments platform that empowers businesses to easily and cost effectively pay and support their global payees. Regardless of business model (sharing, collaborative, traditional), we enable businesses to cost-effectively and transparently distribute global and domestic earnings to their payees through a variety of payment methods. Our payments platform was designed to abstract all of the hard stuff associated with paying people—administrative hassle, compliance risk, distribution issues, and so on—off of our clients’ hands. Today, our payout platform gives more than 6 million payees the power to choose how they wish to track, manage and access their earnings every day.

2. How is Hyperwallet differentiating itself from other payout solutions providers?

PB: I believe that Hyperwallet is the only true outbound payments platform. While other payout solutions provide payout alternatives to banks, they tend to be very method-constrained or corridor-centric. Our platform affords flexibility across three integrated layers of modular functionality: (1) a redundant net ...

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