Interview with Ron Suber, President at Prosper

Ron Suber - President, Prosper Marketplace

As President of Prosper Marketplace, Ron is responsible for developing and executing the business development strategy to attract borrowers to the site, as well as ensure a balance between institutional and retail investors on the Prosper platform. He brings more than 20 years experience in sales, marketing and business development across the hedge fund, broker dealer and registered investment advisor industries.

Before Prosper, Ron was Managing Director at Wells Fargo Securities. Prior to Wells Fargo, Ron served as the Head of Global Sales and Marketing and Senior Partner for Merlin Securities. Ron also served as President of Spectrum Global Fund Administration, and spent 14 years at Bear Stearns where he served as Senior Managing Director and Manager of Global Clearing Sales.

It has been another great quarter (Q2 - 2015) for Prosper with $912.4 million in new loans issued, up 147% from Q2 2014. Their blog revealed on July 9th that they have crossed $4 Billion in total loans issued since inception. We caught up with Ron and asked him about marketplace lending and Prosper.

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