Investments in FinTech Industry During July-September 2015

The FinTech industry has always been in the eyes of VCs and investors. The already established FinTech players have started taking major steps in order to engage with emerging technologies. Cloud technology and open-source software have lowered the entry level barriers, thereby causing a rapid increase in the establishment of new startups. This revolution in technology and innovation is engaging investors with the FinTech Industry. In addition, the emerging and evergreen FinTech sectors like lending, bitcoin, mPOS and cloud-based financial services are majorly attracting investors.

LTP analyzed the investments that were made in the FinTech Industry during July-September 2015. According to the analysis, more than $750 million of investments were made in the FinTech Industry during this period. The analysis also revealed that the majority of the funding raised by the companies was to expand their services globally. The largest funding of $92 million was raised by Kreditech in its series C round; the investments were made by J.C. Flowers & Co. LLC, Amadeus Capital Partners, Blumberg Capital, HPE Growth Capital, Peter Thiel and Ward Partners. Some of the other major investments made in the industry during this period are:

- Stripe raised $90M in its series C round. Visa was one of the major investors in the round along with investors like Sequoia Capital and American Express Co.

- $67M was raised by mPOS company iZettle in its series D round. The major investors were Intel Capital, Zouk Capital and Santander InnoVentures

- POS systems manufacturer Lightspeed POS raised $61 million in its series C round.