RRE Ventures

RRE Ventures defines the scope of its investment horizon as products or services enabled by information technology. This has historically included virtually all expressions of software and Internet technology as well as hardware and technology-enabled services, with over 60 acquisitions and seventeen IPOs to date. RRE Ventures invests across the United States and in select cases, overseas geographies. RRE Ventures views New York's burgeoning innovation economy as critically important to the creation of the next wave of large technology companies. With over 50 portfolio companies based in the New York Metro region, RRE Ventures is among the area's most active investors.

New York, San Francisco
Investment team:
Raju Rishi, James D. Robinson
Target segments:
Software & Internet technology, Hardware & Technology-enabled services, Energy IT, Cloud Computing, Advertising Platforms, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Crowdsourcing, Business Intelligence, Data Security, Consumer Internet, Consumer Electronics, Internet of Things, Robotics, 3D Printing, Enterprise Hardware, Venture Capital and Financial Services., Venture Capital and Financial Services.