Who Invests in FinTech in Brazil: Know the Main Players

Brazil is among the most attractive places to invest in FinTech and has already attracted the attention of several global venture capital and private equity funds. Thr top three FinTechs that received the most contributions received more than BRL 700 million (US$ 214,8 million) in recent years.

But the market continues to grow, with potential revenue of BRL 75 billion over the next 10 years, if FinTechs that are already operating are considered.

Find out who the top investors interested in this market are.

Who invested in Nubank, Creditas, and GuiaBolso

The Brazilian companies that received the most money have several investors in common. Know who contributed to each of them.

1. Nubank – Total: BRL 600 Million

The FinTech of the payment card industry is already known by the Brazilian public; it has more than 800,000 estimated customers. It received approximately BRL 600 million in five rounds of investments.

In addition to the funds mentioned below, billionaire entrepreneur Nicolas Berggruen also made a contribution to Nubank. Sequoia Capital may have been one of the key investors, with a seed investment of about BRL 1 million in 2013. ...

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