IoT Security: When Innovation Can Turn Into a Disaster

IoT is one of those mysterious topics emerging a lot of curiosity and excitement. Although the term has been around for a while already, with the rapid advancement of technology, belonging to IoT suddenly became a pass to the community of the hottest innovators. According to TC, by 2020, the number of active wireless connected devices will exceed 40 billion.

The very idea of the things around us being able to communicate and perform actions is intriguing. Endless opportunities lay in the interception of IoT and a range of industries. While the real-life application of IoT can benefit a human life by leaving less space to the errors related to the human factor in industrial production, medicine and other industries, there are certain threats that have been left out of focus.

The especially vulnerable societies are the ones that are most connected to the global Web with the highest device adoption. The higher one’s engagement and connection in the Web and across devices, the more ...

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