Is Bitcoin-Related Fraud Ever Going to End?

If you happen to be pro-bitcoin, there is no reason to get alerted. Fraud is not a biased matter and fraudsters do not target cryptocurrency in particular just to sink bitcoin itself and put an end to the era of the cryptocurrency.

Whether as coincidence or direct relation to properties of the cryptocurrency, we can’t help but notice that along with successful cases of bitcoin adoption and use, there are also cases of misuse and bitcoin-related fraud leading to questions about the proper regulation or even shift to the next big thing (maybe ETH?). There is no particular industry or a particular type of fraud that is facilitated by bitcoin, but the cryptocurrency certainly finds itself in quite puzzled situations. From a one-person LSD shop working on bitcoin being busted or dark web drug marketplaces from Norway to governments noticing bitcoin in relation to AML policies, cases vary, but bitcoin is somehow involved in a range of them. Some bright entrepreneurs have even built sustainable networks and make millions on bitcoin-based ...

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