Is RFID the Key to Omnichannel?

When it comes to retail, a great omnichannel experience is top of mind these days. But what is omnichannel exactly? At the highest level, it’s about merging web and store experiences. Forbes recently reported the results of the survey in association with Synchrony Financial, saying that customers prefer to mix technology and in-store visits for major purchases. Almost half of retailers surveyed by Forbes Insights say that their customers do research online and buy in stores—in other words, they are looking for an omnichannel shopping experience, the source suggests. And a recent USPS study suggests that multichannel shopping has, in fact, grown as well.

That said, retailers haven’t always optimized their omnichannel algorithms. Some of the challenges around omnichannel are due to bad inventory systems and an inability to locate or even identify what’s in stores.

Could RFID become a solution?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency e ...

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