Issues With Blockchain Capital Market Firms Need to Know Before They Can Embrace the Technology; Firm58 Explains Blockchain Evolution

Introduced in 2008, bitcoin won the hearts of innovators with no effort. The greatest gift from bitcoin to FinTech was blockchain technology that got the market crazy, racing to apply a new and exciting technology. Back office operations are no exception and blockchain found its way there to disrupt the market.

Firm58—a company that helps capital market firms become more efficient by leveraging the back office for post-trade process improvements—allows to lower staffing requirements, enables better compliance and simplifies processes for fees and commissions. Extensive expertise in back office process improvement in combination with growing market interest in blockchain technology in a variety of applications allowed Firm58 to provide valuable insights into blockchain’s back office application. A recently published white paper from Firm58 provides extensive analysis of the main issues capital market firms will be facing in the race to adopt blockchain.

As Firm58 explains, blockchain technology functions as a decent ...

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