It Took a Shopping App to Bring Together a Retail Stalwart & an Ecommerce Giant

Messaging service app, Tango, has ventured into the mobile commerce by partnering with ecommerce giant Alibaba and retail giant Walmart. Tango has included a shopping feature in the app called Tango Shop which enables its customers to shop and purchase from and AliExpress. Tango will eventually include special deals from both the players and update the customers on a daily basis.

The mobile shoppers are there and we want to get as many diverse products in front of our customers as fast as we can, states Chi-Chao Chang, Vice President of Tango Labs.

Tango is the first messaging app in the US to offer such a service. Initially, the feature was made available for users only in the US where most of Tango’s user base is located. The partnership allows Tango users to have complete access to AliExpress offerings through the app’s search feature.

Alibaba’s partnership with Tango raised an investment of $280 million last year enabling the messaging service company to be valued at $1.1 billion. As per Tango, it had 200 million registered users and 70 million monthly active users when Alibaba made its investment in the company.

The partnership of retail and ecommerce giants with the messenger service is a win-win situation for the companies involved as they can address the market where the customers are instead of inviting the customers to their websites. Since the shopping apps are included in the messaging app, the deals provided will be a topic of discussion in the messenger which addresses marketing and also attracts more customers to the shopping sites.

Tango, like other messaging apps Viber and WhatsApp, allows users to send free text messages, play games and make free phone and video calls through the app. Tango works on iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire and Blackberry devices, as well as tablets and PCs. As of now, Tango has a customer base of more than 200 million people in 224 countries.

Based out of Mountain View, California, Tango was founded in September, 2009. Tango has raised over $367M from leading venture capital firms and top individual investors.