Another Great Week for Innovative Payment Solutions, Bitcoin Moves Closer to the Mainstream

Can Mobile Network Operators Regain Relevance In the Mobile Payments Space?

Most industry experts agree that Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) have fallen out of favor within the payments realm in recent years. However, MNO’s might be able to change the market back into their favor using the MultiProxyEMVPaytm SIM Card approach.

This Startup from Y Combinator’s Latest Batch Wants to Fix B2B Payments

Kickpay’s new open marketplace looks to revolutionize the way businesses, small and large, manage their financing options and B2B payments.

Update: How Does Facebook P2P Actually Work?

Facebook P2P payments basically involves debit card linking. It is also being speculated that Facebook would be using the clearXchange network for enabling payments.

Square Cash Reaches Out to Businesses With an Attractive Rate of Just 1.5 Percent

Introduced in 2013, Square Cash looks to simplify the way peer-to-peer payments are made. With this in mind, Square recently extended their service to businesses as well, along with the introduction of $Cashtags, to allow easy, simple, and private payments.

Optimal Payments is Buying Skrill Group, Which is Currently Valued at $1.2 Billion

Optimal Payments is acquiring the digital payments business, Skrill Group, in hopes of creating a digital payments powerhouse. The acquisition is boasting many benefits for Optimal Payments, such as widespread support for more than 40 currencies and 20 languages around the world.

Stripe Connect Lets You Eliminate the Banking Department Within Your Startup and Expand to 18 Countries

Through Stripe Connect’s recent updates, businesses now have less hassle to deal with on their financial & banking operations, and have been provided with an easy solution for accepting international payments.

Western Union Partners with Hyperwallet to Make a Mark in the Global Mass Payments Market

The two global payments powerhouses are coming together in hopes of creating a payments hub for emerging participants in the global economy, allowing companies greater visibility and efficiency through a combination of new services.

Noble Markets is Looking to Bring Trading Into the Crypto Era

Noble Markets and Nasdaq OMX Group are planning to bring blockchain to the mainstream financial trading grounds. This new platform, powered by the X-stream trading system, will allow corporate and institutional investors to trade bitcoin and similar currencies.

Microsoft’s Response to Apple Pay & Samsung Pay #HCE

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and now–Windows Pay? Well not quite, but Windows has announced that its upcoming OS will include some form of mobile payments capabilities utilizing NFC and HCE based technologies.

Apple Pay Might Become Part of China’s $980 Billion Mobile Payment Market in April

There are still a few outstanding issues concerning China UnionPay’s monopoly of the market in that region. Combine this with regulatory issues between Apple and the Chinese government, and we see that Apple still has a bit of work to do to make sure this deal is sealed in time.

Google Will Soon Let You Pay Bills Via Gmail Thanks to its ‘Pony Express’

The new service, in combination with Google Wallet, could make bill payments as easy as clicking a button within an email.

Powa Technologies Brings in EMV & NFC Capabilities to the PowaPOS SDK

By integrating AnywhereCommerce’s mSuite solutions, Powa is allowing ISVs many more options for payment solutions.

PINless Debit Payments—Here we go again…

Card issuers are seeing a massive increase in the volume of their PINless debit payments, so why haven't we heard about this? Is this increase necessarily beneficial to us as consumers?

Market Dynamics are Changing in the Acquiring Space

The payments space is evolving at a rapid pace, and companies need to begin evolving with it, or face the harsh reality of being left behind.

Mobile Paired Television Commerce — See IT, Shop IT!

Companiesare now bringing you a new way to shop, all from the comfort of your smart TV. T-commerce is a new concept utilizing this era’s smart TV technology to allow products seen on television to be purchased within a few clicks — all with your TV remote.

Facebook Launches Messenger Platform for Businesses

With the recent launch of its P2P payment service, Facebook is making big moves in the payments space —- and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Facebook’s Businesses on Messenger promises to introduce fresh dynamics into the way customers and merchants interact.

Shopkeep Launches New Payments System for its POS Equipment

Shopkeep will work with Payment Revolution to create a new division — ShopKeep Payments. The new service will work in tandem with ShopKeep’s popular POS devices, providing a fully customizable payment processing solution.

Everlink is Coming Up with an Interac Flash Enabled Wearable Payments Solution

Among the ever increasing number of companies entering the wearables market is Everlink. Its newest innovation, dubbed DebitWear, combines the EMV and NFC technologies of their flash payments to create a mini-tag that can be placed in convenient wearable items, such as a wristbands.

Northwestern Mutual Acquires LearnVest for Over $250 Million

Despite this, LearnVest will continue to offer financial services to its clients, and continues supporting the LearnVest at Work service.