Another Great Week for Innovative Payment Solutions, Bitcoin Moves Closer to the Mainstream

Can Mobile Network Operators Regain Relevance In the Mobile Payments Space?

Most industry experts agree that Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) have fallen out of favor within the payments realm in recent years. However, MNO’s might be able to change the market back into their favor using the MultiProxyEMVPaytm SIM Card approach.

This Startup from Y Combinator’s Latest Batch Wants to Fix B2B Payments

Kickpay’s new open marketplace looks to revolutionize the way businesses, small and large, manage their financing options and B2B payments.

Update: How Does Facebook P2P Actually Work?

Facebook P2P payments basically involves debit card linking. It is also being speculated that Facebook would be using the clearXchange network for enabling payments.

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