It’s Pizza Time! Order a Dominos’ Pizza Directly From Your Watch!

Have you ever had a strong craving for a hot pizza with garlic crust from Dominos, but the only 21st century tech miracle you had on your person was a smart watch? Worry not! Now, just like with the majority of your other Internet enabled devices, you can order Dominos directly from your smartwatch!

Dominos has always been a leader in implementing mPOS within the vast market of pizza vendors. Recently, Dominos even made moves to combine pizza with gaming. Yes, this may sound like a classic formula that you or your friends have already implemented flawlessly through your pizza-fueled Friday night LAN parties, but Dominos took it too the next level by creating an app for the Xbox One that can be used to order and track its delicious pizzas, as seen below.

(Credits: IGN)
With its recent release of the Dominos Tracking App for Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches, Dominos continues to keep itself at the forefront of innovation. For both devices, the focus of the app is more on tracking the pizza instead of a full menu experience. This isn’t to say that you can’t order pizza from the app; once your account is linked you will be able to execute recent and easy orders (predetermined combinations that can be saved directly to your account) straight from the watch. From there, just sit back, crack a cold one, and observe the exciting journey that the pizza makes to your doorstep, all worry free and from the comfort of your own wrist.
The app can also be configured to send ‘pings’ to your ‘bling’, alerting you of important milestones in your pizzas creation. This, along with Dominos other mobile ordering solutions such as Dom, are all moves that have increased Dominos’ popularity. With the Dom mobile ordering voice assistant recently reaching a half million orders, maybe we can expect to see new innovations with the technology, such as a Dom enabled smartwatch app to allow for truly hands-free ordering on the go.
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