iZettle Launches TV Commercial Competition for Small Businesses

iZettle, Europe’s number one provider of mobile payment solutions and a leading POS service provider is doing something different towards its marketing and PR efforts again this year. It recently announced 15 Seconds of Frame, a TV commercial competition that will give small businesses in UK a chance to get aired on iZettle’s TV ads if they win the competition. iZettle launched a similar campaign, 12 Hour Store Campaign in October 2014. This campaign gave six small businesses a chance to trade on Central London’s Gigh Street alongside nation’s big and global brands.

For 15 Seconds of Fame, the participating businesses have to submit a 15 second video clip about their product or service. Out of all the submissions, iZettle’s jury will select 6 winners and the 7th winner will be the People’s Choice. However to win the competition, the business has to be an iZettle customer, which is a great marketing strategy used by the Sweden based POS company. The deadline for submitting the videos is October 4th, 2015 and the winning ads will be aired during October and November 2015.

We know how tricky life is for small entrepreneurs. Cutting through the noise is getting increasingly challenging, especially if you’re a tiny business. And that’s precisely why we have embarked on this project, says Johan Bendz, iZettle’s Chief Marketing Officer. Getting exposure on prime time television can transform a business’s fortune, but it comes with cost way beyond the reach of small companies.

iZettle knows the fact that over 99% of businesses in the UK are small companies, and they account for almost half of all private sector employment. Through such campaigns, it is penetrating its target audience perfectly. To launch such creative campaigns, iZettle has partnered with Forsman & Bodenfors, an award winning ad agency in Sweden.

Ann Spennare, Account Director at F&B said, It feels very refreshing to work with a client like iZettle, that is so generous with its own users. This enables us to work creatively not only with the iZettle brand, but also indirectly with small businesses out there striving to prosper.

Established in 2010 by serial entrepreneurs Jacob de Geer and Magnus Nilsson, iZettle has operations in the European nations of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK and Spain, as well as Latin American markets like Brazil and Mexico. It targets small and medium sized businesses and tradesmen like plumbers and electricians, who do not have sufficient revenues to support the infrastructure required for a traditional card based system. It provides them the flexibility to receive card payments through the iZettle card reader and free apps for iOS and Android. In August 2015, iZettle received $67 million funding which it planned to invest in lending in its customer base. It now offers iZettle Advance that provides retailers a cash advance on future card sales. The lending service allows companies to borrow against projected income. The borrower can then pay the money back in installments each day in proportion to card sales.

iZettle has been providing free chip and PIN card readers to European merchants and it now plans to provide its small business customers with free TV commercial time via 15 Seconds of Fame.