JUSP Collaborates with Nokia to Provide the First Chip and PIN mPOS Solution on Lumia

On 13th May 2014, all in one chip-and-PIN mPOS provider – JUSP – announced that it is entering into a partnership with Nokia, as the first provider of a Chip-and-Pin mPOS solution to their Nokia Lumia smartphone. JUSP's solution also works with Windows-based PCs as well as smartphones and tablets running Windows, iOS and Android.

JUSP considers itself as an all-encompassing mPOS solution for both micro merchants and small- and medium-sized retail outlets. The company says that itsmPOS device and operating system flexibility, along with the chip-and-pin security and the all-inclusive pricing launched recently, makes it extremely easy, secure and convenient for retailers to charge consumers utilizing whatever method they select.

  • JUSP's mPOS connects through a computer's USB or audio jack or any mobile device's audio jack.
  • Also, since JUSP is 'bank agnostic,' there are no bank accounts to change or any other banking requirements or approvals necessary.
  • With its Windows-based solution, JUSP can connect shop owners data to Microsoft-based back-end accounting systems, billing as well as Excel spreadsheets.
  • The all-inclusive pricing waives commission fees and charges a different fee each month based on mPOS sales in any given month.
  • This is a very important cost benefit for large merchants, who do not find the Pay per Use traditional pricing of mPOS providers convenient for them, according to JUSP.
  • Their solution is available right now in Italy with a rollout to other countries expected over the following months.
  • At the moment, JUSP is also piloting its mPOS along with a large multi-national company with a substantial mobile workforce, according to their press release.

'Given the Microsoft Windows solution is the operating system of choice for most merchants, having an mPOS solution that works with Windows PCs as well as mobile phones and tablets brings enormous benefits to retailers. JUSP's mPOS chip-and-pin reader can work just as easily with a Windows laptop, an Android tablet, iPhone and or the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, for example, and it gives merchants and professionals the most flexible way to charge customers and link quickly to back-end payment systems, stated CTO and Co-Founder of JUSP, Jacopo Vanetti, in the same release. We are delighted to be working with Nokia to deliver this valuable solution to SMB's,' he added.

About JUSP

JUSP is an emerging mPOS company with a proprietary all-in-one chip-and-pin card reader, which connects directly to smartphone and tablet audio jacks. The company is gaining momentum on many fronts. It has secured a $6 million equity round with two Italian venture capitalist firms, making the equity one of the biggest rounds in Italy in 2013.