Key Insights into Singapore's Ride-Sharing Market Landscape

We live in interesting times where customers respond well to improved user experiences. The exponential rise of ride-sharing services as a result of the sharp consumer demand has led to more employment opportunities for drivers and innovative commuting options for the masses. Targeted customer loyalty programs and promotional campaigns have further fueled the growth of the ride-sharing market.

Sneak peek at Singapore-based ride-sharing apps

The introduction of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Grab into the country along with on-demand, private-hire cabs was a remarkable disruption in Singapore’s transport landscape. Soon after the Grab-Uber merger, increasing complaints from ride-sharing users regarding steeper prices, delays, and lapses in customer service started surfacing. New players such as Ryde, Kardi, TADA, Urge, and new mega-player GO-JEK are upping their game to give tough competition to the homegrown leader – Grab.

What do they optimize for?

Demand and pricing signals allow ride-sharing operators to efficiently mobilize drivers to areas where they are needed the most. When the demand for rides is higher than ...

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