What To Know About the Austrian FinTech Ecosystem

Europe and the FinTech Adventure: The Austrian Case

As the FinTech industry keeps growing, it is fundamental to know where to find the best conditions to start and effectively run a company. Although it may seem that online technologies have diminished the role of geolocation, MEDICI’s experience shows how important it is to have the best services available for our activities.

Austria has been recognized as one of the most interesting international startup hotspots. The startup community, and particularly FinTech startup community, is growing day by day, and finding a lively ecosystem.

One of the reasons for such development is that Austria’s environment perfectly fits startups’ needs. The past few months have seen the birth of many communities and incubators. New services are available online, providing any kind of information that could be useful for startups. Let’s take a closer look at some of the initiatives enabling entrepreneurs to launch and run a successful business in Austria:

The Startup Program by the Austrian Federal Government

The Austrian Federal Government has launched a comprehensive startup program ...

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