Kontomatik Marks 2016 as the Best Year (So Far)

27.12.2016 – Warsaw, Poland – Kontomatik is happy to announce its exponential growth during the year 2016. Even though the company was founded in 2009, the current year has shown the highest level of growth throughout the company’s history.

2016 was another exciting year for Kontomatik. As planned, we intensified our sales and marketing efforts. We attended more than 20 conferences. We were exhibiting and/or presenting at world's leading events: Finovate London, Money20/20, MoneyConf, LendIT, Sibos and more. That resulted in Kontomatik being recognized as the leading API brand in the FinTech world. For the next year, we have quite exciting plans. We will definitely improve our core products, add new features and data sources, but most importantly, we will pay close attention to the implementation of PSD2 regulation, said Marcin Truszel, CEO of Kontomatik.

From the development side, Kontomatik has grown its team substantially, which resulted in devoting an additional office floor to accommodate the growth in human resources. Consequently, Kontomatik API became available in the UK, Portugal and Italy during this year and more countries are to be announced soon.

In terms of the products, Kontomatik has moved from being just a supplier of aggregated financial data into a company that supplies a whole set of products for the financial services industry. This year, Kontomatik has released its Financial Health Indicator, a simple service that rates user’s financial capabilities on a scale from 0 to 100 and supplies this data to a company that wants to offer loans. Based on the data from the Kontomatik Financial Health Indicator, companies can now start lending products from scratch in just a few days.

As for the clients, Kontomatik has onboarded a significant number of new companies, especially in its new markets. Some of these customers will supply Kontomatik with a necessary user base for enhancing its banking APIs to the top-class level.

Such a great year certainly sets a target to beat for 2017, yet with all of the expertise Kontomatik gained, it does sound both possible and challenging.

For more information on Kontomatik Banking API, Financial Health Indicator, geographical availability, pricing and other queries, visit Kontomatik’s website.