Last Remaining Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain, Ejected from Apple App Store

Bitcoin has dealt with many ups and downs over the last year. The last couple of months however have been on the positive side with eCommerce giants such as eBay, and giving a nod to the virtual currency. On 6th February 2014 however, Bitcoin was dealt a blow with Apple removing the last Bitcoin Wallet App - Blockchain - from its app store. Last year Apple had yanked out Coinbase and Coinjar, similar digital wallets.

Some other bitcoin-related mobile applications for iOS, likemarket share tickers, are still available in the App Store, but none that can transfer bitcoins. Blockchain’s desktop application for OS X could still be downloaded on Thursday afternoon from Apple’s Australian App Store, but the company was not clear if that would also be removed soon.Blockchain said its application was in Apple’s App Store for two years and was downloaded 120,000 times.

There was no notice, they sent a formal email to say your app has been removed due to ‘unresolved issues’ – that’s the phrasing that they used. But they never told us what those issues were and never gave us a chance to address what those issues might be, said Roger Ver, Business Development Executive at Blockchain. A native app is a cleaner, easier user experience than doing something through a web browser. Hopefully Apple will see the error of its ways and change its policy, he added.

The move clearly does not sit well with Bitcoin users, entrepreneurs and supporters alike. Kyle Drake of even started a petition aimed at Apple to allow Bitcoin wallets on the iOS platform. Bitcoin users, we need your help. We need you to take a stand against Apple, make noise, complain, and show Apple that there will be consequences to their actions. We need a mobile Bitcoin client, and if Apple won’t deliver one, we’ll move to Android, he writes.