Leading the API Bandwagon in APAC: The Connect2OCBC Story

The financial services ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace. As banks set sail on their digital transformation journeys, the API revolution is at the core of this overhaul. Let’s Talk Payment (LTP) believes that open banking will shape the future of the entire financial services ecosystem and foster innovation at the industry level. Inspired by the potential of this technology, we released our first FinTech foresight report in February 2017. This report discusses the opportunities that APIs & open banking can create. And as part of the FinTech ecosystem, nothing excites us more than the prospect of banks & FinTechs working together and providing customers with next-generation financial services. A number of banks have embraced this wonderful opportunity, and OCBC Bank is one of the leaders in this field. Here, we explore the opportunities made possible by OCBC Bank’s Connect2OCBC platform – an open API platform – and the vast set of transactional APIs that was released for the external developer community.

Connect2OCBC was launched ...

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