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Lending Companies and Payment Rails represent 43% of Investments made in 2013-14


investmentsin payments sector have been growing at a significant pace in recent years. According to a report by Knowledgefaber, $960 Mn was invested across 219 deals in 2013 and $1.33 Bn was invested across 95 deals in 2014. Venture capital investment in payment technologies hit a five-year high in committed capital in the first quarter of 2014, when 59 start-ups raised $492 million for technologies to support existing payments companies.

  • In 2013 & 2014 combined, finance/lending companies attracted $567 Mn in funds, the largest compared to other categories.
  • Payments rails companies raised $416 Mn while Mobile Wallet companies raised $286 Mn.

Because of the changes that mobile has brought to the point of sale, the payments industry has seen acquisitions, consolidations and investments in that market over the last six to 12 months, and more is expected to come in the next year. In the payments industry, point of sale technology has become the "hottest area" of interest for companies considering an acquisition.

  • Mobile Wallet companies and those providing white label solutions raised largest amount of funds in 2013 amounting to around $250 Mn.
  • The companies under the category Payment processing / payment gateway / rails followed the Mobile Wallet / White label category raising a total of $177 Mn in 2013.
  • financeand Lending companies raised largest amount of funds in 2014 amounting to around $448 Mn.
  • The companies under the category Payment processing / payment gateway / rails followed the finance and lending category raising a total of $267 Mn in 2014.

As per another research on investments by Digi-Capital, mobile commerce raked in $4.2 billion in new investment over last year, according to Digi-Capital, an investment advisory firm. The following chart shows that mCommerce raked in the maximum investment compared to other sectors. The value of commerce transactions conducted via mobile handsets/tablets will exceed US $120 Billion by 2017 with 150 Million users. Mobile commerce growth is driven by increasing convenience, value & security available to the consumers via smart devices.

mobile internet chart

Source: Digi-Capital

Today, in the age of technology, disruptive innovation is happening in the payments industry at the cusp of Banking, Retail, Money, Technology and Advertising industries. Trends like cashless transactions have become the talk of the town with several new companies entering into the revolutionary industry every day to become a part of the growth story. The current disruption across payments and other related sectors will further compel investors to target such companies.

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