Daily Review: Less-Cash Payments - The Most Transformational Force in FinServ Globally

Apple Pay Cash – Another Manifest to Apple's Core Values

Entering the P2P payments game relatively late, Apple definitely makes the right moves to strengthen its closed ecosystem – the company paired its payment solution with the iMessage platform, enabling a seamless experience within an existing channel instead of pushing to download another app.

Apple Pay Cash is another manifest to Apple's core values. With this move and its execution, Apple brings into life its worship for convenience, superior user experience and a strong herding of Apple product users that comes with integration into a naturally used channel in the Apple universe.

iPhone Owners Can Now Send Money to Friends Using Apple Pay Cash

• Apple smartphones are now able to send money to people using its Apple Pay Cash feature, which was announced in June and released in iOS 11.2 Beta

• $1 is the minimum transfer amount. Funding an Apple Pay Cash account requires adding a minimum of $10. Users can't make a transaction higher than $3,000. Users cannot add more than $10,000 during a 7-day period and Apple Pay C ...

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