Let’s Talk About Insurance Before Amazon Disrupts It

I love insurance, and I have dedicated my career to the innovation introduced by InsurTech. The year 2017 has been a year full of InsurTech discussions for me:

  • I took 187 flights to discuss InsurTech in 35 cities in 15 different countries, a unique opportunity to shape my ideas from different perspectives.

  • I give InsurTech keynotes and discussed on the stage at 40 conferences.

  • I did my first InsurTech investment.

  • My two insurance think tanks focused on insurance IoT aggregated more than 50 organizations (insurers, reinsurers, institutions, and tech players) between Europe and US with hundreds of executives involved in more than 100 workshops (almost 350 hours).

  • In the last months of 2017, I wrote – together with my friend Andrea Silvello – my first InsurTech book All the Insurance Players Will Be InsurTech and it was published in the first days of 2018.

I put together in the book: all the foundations of my InsurTech thoughts; the elaboration of many discussions I had since I published my article Will FinTech Newcomers Disrupt Health and Home Insurance? on August 2015; some typ ...

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