LevelUp Further Expands Its Capabilities In The Carrier Billing Space

LevelUp is a leading mobile loyalty and payment platform. LevelUp recently partnered with Danal, a premier provider of mobile commerce and mobile identity solutions. LevelUp has apparently added Danal’s Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) service to its payment options. In partnership with Sprint, LevelUp and Danal are offering an entirely new, completely mobile way to make in-store purchases through carrier billing integrated with LevelUp.

With a single tap, tens of millions of US mobile subscribers can link their carrier bill to LevelUp, head to any of the 14,000 merchants in the LevelUp ecosystem and pay for their purchase. When customers choose to pay for their purchase with the carrier billing option, they can avail an additional 10% on any rewards they unlock on LevelUp.

Danal itself has been a leading provider of carrier-integrated mobile commerce solutions worldwide, enabling the purchase of goods and services on PC, tablet and mobile phones using their BilltoMobile platform. Danal, Inc.’s mobile identity and data services platform utilizes direct connections with tier 1 mobile operators, enabling online merchants and financial services companies to reduce input friction, lower risk and drive sales.

This is not the first time that LevelUp has delved into the carrier billing space. In November last year, the company partnered with Sprint, one of the leading carriers in the US, to integrate Sprint Carrier Billing onto its payments platform. This partnership enabled over 50 million Sprint subscribers to link their carrier bill to LevelUp and tap-and-pay across LevelUp merchants. The following illustration highlights the integration of Sprint Carrier Billing into LevelUp:

We recently highlighted a use case around how technology giants are now looking at carrier billing as a major opportunity. Technology giant Microsoft is apparently adopting carrier billing as a payment option for customers to purchase apps on Windows phones and will be expanding the service to include tablets and desktop computers. Microsoft intends to partner with 90 mobile operators in close to more than 45 markets to enable a carrier billing service for Windows devices.