And Then There was Light, Arrival of Omni-Channel Commerce

US has a pretty well-established retail industry. The retail industry has generated sales revenue of US$4.5 trillion from about 3.8 million retail establishments in 2013. Offline sales and online sales contribute to 94% and 6% of the total sales respectively. This 94% explains why Technology Sector is trying to disrupt physical retail now after building the Tech Jungle around Ecommerce.

Probably I should not be comparing these two in this post. This article is about how the above two and other developments in Social Media, Analytics, Cloud and Mobility can work in cohesion to solve the challenges. Until early 2000’s, the retail industry in the U.S. was primarily a brick and mortar system. The primary purpose of stores was to distribute products. Stores were in many cases the only means of distributing products to a specified market. And the only way to buy and con ...

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