Linkable Networks Launches an Affiliated Network for Card-Linked Offers

Linkable Networks recently announced the launch of Omnyverse, an affiliate network with 100 percent digital offers, promotions and incentives. Built on top of Linkable Networks’ patented technology, Omnyverse enables retailers to digitally engage shoppers with SKU-level or storewide promotions and coupons that are redeemed automatically without paper, printing or promo codes. Retailers can leverage the efficacy of performance-based marketing to drive and measure sales, whether mobile, online or in-store, in a way that is easier and more rewarding for the shopper.

As 44% of U.S. shoppers combine online and in-person shopping, Omnyverse perfectly complements today’s omni-channel, digitally savvy and highly mobile shopper. With 86 percent of shoppers researching online before they go in-store, Omnyverse enables retailers to deploy digital incentives that harness this behavior and directly drive in-store sales. And, as 94% of total retail sales are still generated at brick-and-mortar stores, Omnyverse is truly transformational in its ability to connect digital discovery to a physical purchase in a way that’s fully measurable.

The Omnyverse network has scaled quickly and has already reached more than 50 million consumers each month across more than 30 leading publishers, such as SlickDeals, Shopathome and Omnyverse is similar to traditional affiliate networks with one significant difference – all Omnyverse offers are linked to the shopper’s credit or debit card so they can use them in-store or online with proper first-click attribution no matter where they buy. As 78% of shoppers want coupons to redeem automatically, Omnyverse is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between digital and physical in a way that is smarter for the shopper and the retailer.

Shopper behavior has changed. A massive shift away from pre-printed or print-at-home coupons to an all-digital, frictionless shopper-centric experience is well underway. Omnyverse not only satisfies the desires of today’s digital savvy shoppers, it provides retailers with the first fully digital, closed-loop coupon solution that bridges online and offline, said Jeff Jensen, executive vice president, general manager of Omnyverse, in an official press release. Unlike traditional affiliate networks, Omnyverse’s ability to drive SKU-level promotions is a true game-changer as retailers can now offer their vendors completely risk free pay-for-performance co-op and co-marketing programs.

For consumers, the experience is simple. They easily find offers and coupons in the same way that they already do – on their favorite deal site, the retailer’s site, their smartphone or even in-store signage. Offers range from individual products to cross-category bundles and can exclude locations, categories, brands or products as determined by the retailer. Once registered, consumers link the offers to their preferred credit or debit card with a single click and they’re ready to save. In three steps – link, shop and save – the savings are delivered and appear on their statement. Nothing to clip, print, present or lose.