Food Chains going for their Own Wallets seeing Starbucks' success, The Taco Bell Wallet

Retailers can smell a winner. They see Starbucks doing more than a billion dollar in sales with their wallet. And its just getting started on functionality. Technology available today makes it possible to improve consumer experience to new heights.

Mobile Ordering - The New Drive Thru

Taco Bell has been secretly working on an internal project that has been known internally as Live Más. I have been personally aware of this project from the Irvine, California company and can now speak to it a bit now that it is public.

Taco Bell had talks with all of the legacy and startup companies in payments and mobile wallets but choose to build internally. They are taking the lead from Starbucks and have seen these systems as important to the business as the products the companies serve. This has become so crucial that late last month Starbucks alined top executives from Howard Schultz, CEO down around payments and wallets, payments are now a C-Level job requirement at many companies (I know this ...

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