Local Businesses Can Now Sell on Mobile at No Cost

With 2.3 billion smartphones in use today, customers will tap, touch, swipe and click their phones 2,617 times a day. Research also shows that people spend 90% of their mobile time using apps. It is therefore critical for businesses to be accessible to their customers through their mobile devices. Often this requires costly websites that are not truly responsive on mobile, and are difficult to manage by the business owner.

Chat Find is a secure, user-friendly app that is a mobile marketplace. Local traders and professionals are able to showcase products and services and promote deals for free. They can also sell directly to customers, issue customized invoices and get paid instantly via debit or credit card, or PayPal. This enables businesses to be commercially viable on mobile.

The geolocation technology in Chat Find gives customers the ability to search local communities for services and products, driving improved engagement with a trade local focus. Secure, instant payments via debit or credit cards and PayPal are even supported within chats for greater convenience.

Chat Find CEO Raymond Wynne explains that the app is unlike any other on the market, Consumers are more mobile savvy than ever and practical convenience is key. That’s why we wanted to create a smartphone app that supports local business through free advertising and smart payments.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to engage their customers on mobile, beyond social media. Chat Find’s mobile marketplace creates a localized shopping experience from the screen of a mobile phone. The user experience is engaging, visual and supports instant mobile shopping for retailers of any size.

Wynne adds that Chat Find connects a customer with local business networks in a way that’s never happened before. Chat Find provides simple chat functionality for instant communication with customers, while posts can be shared to Facebook or sent via email and SMS for effective promotion through one app.

That’s free advertising and chats, mobile invoicing and instant payments – all on your phone!

Chat Find is also the perfect solution for bigger business, associations or franchisers who seek to find a mobile solution for their website, e-commerce, payments or chat, because they offer white label options so that you can adapt this app to look like your own, with new categories or features.

The company is currently busy with a second seed investment round from high wealth investors.