Location-Aware App 'AroundMe' Recently Launched by CloudZon

The growing usage of smartphones and the technological advancement in location-aware tools has led way for location-aware based app development in every arena of industries that focus consumers. But, this progress has been rated as very slow as the data is limited and the manner the location information is being used. This progress will be quite faster and can achieve more heights in location-based apps development if the relevant information is provided with more features without interrupting user experience. To stand top among the best competitors in the IT industry, CloudZon Infoconnect has recently launched a location-aware app named AroundMe with features the world has never seen before. The successful launching was announced at a conference held at CloudZon conference hall, Ahmadabad on November 28, 2016.

What is the AroundMe app?

As the name suggests, AroundMe is a location-aware app that allows the users to find a local place from the current location. The AroundMe app helps the users to find nearby areas like restaurants, banks, gas stations, hospitals, ATMs, shopping malls, bars, movie theaters, parking facilities, etc. Even though the AroundMe mobile app is not the first location-aware app, it has been launched with the latest technology incorporation to enhance user experience in every possible way with its advanced features. The AroundMe app displays numerous categories listed alphabetically and the user needs to just click on the required category to know the nearest destination. A list of nearby spots will then be showed based on the service rating and distance from the current location. AroundMe never asks for any login or for any credentials from the user and it also shows the easy and accurate path to reach at destination easily.

(The) AroundMe app will be in the golden pages of entire IT industry as it is a complete user-centric app that can offer its service where even GPS cannot be used. Sharing and comparing reviews from the friends is yet another exciting feature of AroundMe, a company spokesperson commented.

Advantages of AroundMe:

AroundMe will prove its efficiency in every sector which is not limited to tourism, fleet management, find city places, electronic queuing, find nearest social media contact. It can present users with exaction marker for location on a map, reviews on a restaurant, an alarm to get out of train etc. It provides with a completely customized map to enhance the user experience and also an affordable implementation than any hardware required for GPS-oriented systems.

Along with building an incredibly focused marketing, AroundMe offers enhanced social connectivity and geographical awareness with a feature of filtering location based online information. Thus, retailers can increase sales using AroundMe as new customers can be attracted based on the pricing and reviews.

Tourists are more benefitted with this app as it shows an accurate list of nearby locations enquired by the user. With the service ratings and distance from the current location, it allows the tourists to reach the destination correctly using the pathfinder without being lost. AroundMe can also be used to track customers when they reach the location and can offer better service.

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