Location-sensing Preorder Apps With Quick Checkouts For Restaurants

Proximity is the need of the hour and smartphones are bridging the gap between physical stores and the customers. Mobile apps are addressing the proximity by providing the information right at the customers’ finger tips. A view into the restaurant industry shows that there are many preorder apps which allow customers to order food ahead of time and pick the order from the restaurants once it is ready. This saves time and also provides the option to choose from the customer’s favorite eatery. Listed below are some preorder services available:

Service Providers for Merchants:


Mobo2go is an online meal ordering system designed specifically for food-to-go retailers, restaurants and takeaway. The online ordering system has been designed for multisite food-to-go chains. The online ordering system provides the following features:

  • Customers place orders using their PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Customers pay online, directly to the restaurant’s account.
  • Orders are printed in-store for pickup or delivery.
  • Customers grab-and-go or orders are delivered.

Square Pickup:

Square Pickup allows merchants to use its service by integrating it with their system so that the customers can locate a restaurant, cafe or shop from a list of Square Pickup merchants and place a preorder, pay for it and receive a notification from the app when it's ready.


mypreorder helps merchants benefit from receiving orders in advance and being able to prepare them for a customer's arrival, providing a new, modern way to keep their customers happy and loyal.

Customer-focused Mobile Apps:


Preo, for iPhone and Android, works with some bars in New York City to allow customers to preorder and pay for drinks on their smartphones. Customers place their orders and when the drink is ready, the app sends a notification and charge the customer's credit card which is stored in the app.


Orderella allows customers to download the app from the app store or Google Play and choose the restaurants from the app’s location-based service. The restaurant receives the order on their system and sends an order ID to the customers once it is ready for pickup.

Bar Pass:

Bar Pass is an app available for iPhone and Android. It allows users in London to preorder drinks and food at local cafes, pubs and arenas.


Restaurant customers can download the Settle smartphone app which connects to their bank accounts to preorder from the menu and pay for their meals for takeout. Moreover, the customer app doesn’t store any banking information. In Eastern Europe, Settle is partnered with some of the major banks, so the app is directly linked to customer banking accounts. In the U.S., Settle is using Stripe.


Coffeetime is the quicker, smarter, more convenient way to grab coffee and food on the run. It allows to choose a store, preorder and prepay for the coffee and food ahead of arrival. The Coffeetime app is free to download.


Grabb allows customers to preorder as well as prepay for meals. The app allows customers to choose restaurants, browse the menu, order and pay. The app also gives real time updates to inform the customers when the order has been received by the restaurant and is ready for pickup.


Hangry is another app that allows customers to click, order and pay for takeaway orders. Hangry app also allows customers to select a restaurant from a list or from a map, order from the menu and pay.


Menulog helps to search restaurants, order food and pay with cash or card and pick it up from the restaurants. The app allows customers to sort restaurants by popularity, alphabetical filter by name, specials and cuisine.

Grab, Hangry and Menulog operate in Australia.