Lokket Intergrates Eagle Eye Solutions To Offer Closed Loop Automation Platform

Standard payments won’t be the only use for chip & PIN (EMV) terminals, or EFTPOS, as more commonly referenced in Australia. The Sydney-based digital, promotional marketing and customer engagement technology company, Lokket Pty Ltd, shared their latest closed loop security advancement via Twitter @iamlokket, Our latest announcement. Aussie Firm Lokket Takes Apple Wallet to Chip & PIN (EMV), on August 10, 2015.

Australian retail technology specialist Lokket has teamed up with Eagle Eye Solutions (Asia Pacific) to pioneer mobile engagement solution for Australian retailers by integrating Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) with chip & PIN (EMV), which is known in Australia as EFTPOS, creating a closed loop mobile engagement automation platform redeemable at existing credit card terminals.

"Consumers are increasingly mobile-first when it comes to making purchase decisions. Marrying real-time personalized mobile marketing messages with existing in-store redemption tools such as chip & PIN (EMV) terminals eliminates a lot of the headaches for retailers," said George Kaloudis, CEO & Founder of Lokket.

Our Wi-Fi analytics tells us that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone used by consumers in Australia, and Apple Wallet is set up on every device to receive personalized proximity-based mobile promotions that can be easily stored and redeemed. Utilizing chip & PIN (EMV) for redemption of promotions and stored value makes the sophisticated mobile engagement solution easily accessible to retailers and brands.

"Apple Wallet makes it easy for retailers to engage mobile users without the complex and costly exercise of app development. Our innovation is already capable of redemption through the merchant terminals provided by major financial institutions, giving over 200 integrated retailers easy access to Australia's most disruptive mobile technology," said George Kaloudis.

The Lokket Engage solution includes integration with EESAP's AIR platform that allows the delivery of relevant offers, vouchers and rewards to consumers in real-time, in a simple and secure way, across multiple media including email, SMS messaging and apps. Promotions can be redeemed securely by the consumer through any enabled point-of-sale channel.

The Lokket Engage mobile platform has already supported a number of major shopping mall operators and retailers as well as brand campaigns, including Four'N Twenty, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Nando's.

About Lokket:

Lokket Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based consumer engagement technology company. It provides innovative digital marketing, transaction and analytics solutions for retailers, brands and marketers, to deliver real-time digital promotions that create consumer engagement. The Lokket Engage platform integrates Wi-Fi, iBeacons, real-time promotions coupons, vouchers and payments that can be redeemed securely at the merchant's point-of-sale, supported by advanced analytics. Lokket serves major retail aggregators, retailers and brands across Australia.

About Eagle Eye Solutions (Asia-Pacific):

Eagle Eye Solutions (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd (EESAP) is a joint venture between Eagle Eye Solutions Ltd (part of the Eagle Eye Solutions Group PLC) and Australian investors. Eagle Eye Solutions Ltd has granted EESAP exclusive commercialization rights to the Eagle Eye AIR platform for the secure, real-time, multi-channel issuance, management and redemption of digital offers, vouchers and rewards, replacing previously used paper-based methods for the Australian and New Zealand markets.