LTP 2016 Predictions (Part 1 with Nick Holland) [Podcast]

'Tis the time of the year to make predictions. Aditya indulged in this last year too, but unfortunately none of his semi-light-hearted speculative predictions for 2015 have come true yet! So, this year, Amit decided to invite mobile payments guru, Nick Holland to discuss what to expect in 2016 (and Aditya's role was limited to asking questions).

If you are looking for thoughtful and analytical opinion on what's going to happen in 2016, this is the podcast for you. Nick and Amit discuss Blockchain, Big data, Beacons, Big Banks and more.

Part 3 of the series will cover Apple, Authentication, APIs and perhaps some Analytics too. (We are not predicting anything about the topics in Part 2 just yet...some things are best left as a surprise!)