LTP Blockchain Momentum 2016 (Infographic)

As we come close to the end of 2015, LTP brings to you the LTP Blockchain Momentum Infographic. In the middle of 2015, we brought to you the use cases of blockchain in the financial and the non-financial domain. Now, we have done an intensive study on the segments in blockchain which are growing exponentially and lagging behind as well.

Here is an infographic on the segments of blockchain.

We have been interviewing several investors and companies across the world to study their sentiments about blockchain. While creating this infographic, we have considered:

- The opinions of investors

- The companies (startups and unicorns) that are operating in each segment or look to invest

- The deals and partnerships they have struck

- The funding raised by the companies

We have noticed that the sentiments about blockchain are particularly very high in a few financial segments. Remittance is one such segment where companies are interested in using blockchain to perform faster remittances and reduce the cost of sending remittance at the same time. The trading platform is another such segment where investors are optimistic about the use of blockchain. Next in the list of attractive segments is P2P transfer using blockchain technology.

In the case of the non-financial domain, there are a few segments that investors and large conglomerates are eyeing. Smart contracts is one segment where investors are betting. Companies who operate in this segment were able to raise significant amounts of funding and were able to gain investors’ trust. The gold & silver trading segment is another such segment which is in the watch list of several investors. The use of blockchain in industrial IoT has not been growing significantly but is expected to grow in the years to come. There are a few segments where we have seen multiple players operating, but the growth of these segments is stagnant or low. Digital content, document storage and delivery is the segment where we have seen multiple companies operate, but this segment has failed to gain investor confidence.

LTP’s momentum infographic depicts our opinion about the segments that are not specific to any company. We will regularly update the LTP Blockchain Momentum Infographic for our readers to give them a clear view of what is happening in the blockchain Industry.