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LTP P2P Payments Webinar [Available Now]


There is a plethora of P2P companies, apps and propositions in the market, and there are signs of acceleration in market adoption. However, there is still considerable room for improvement. Clearly, there’s still something missing in the P2P options available for consumers today that seems to impede our march towards a cashless system.

LTP Studio organized a webinar for our readers to address and answer questions related to P2P and much more. Some of the most respected voices in the industry who have “been there and done that” were present in the webinar to share their perspectives in this interactive session. Listen to the recording below.

Speakers on the P2P Payments Webinar:

Dickson Chu: Chief Product Officer, Ingo Money

Anand Ramakrishnan: Chief Executive Officer, Opus Consulting Solutions

Jo Webber: CEO, Oink

Aditya Khurjekar: CEO & Co-founder, Let’s Talk Payments

On July 1, Facebook made their fee-free P2P payments product available to everyone in the US. Should the banks be worried now?

Why do we still use cash and checks in 2015? Even those of us in the industry are not able to go cashless, especially when it comes to person-to-person (P2P) payments; what are the issues? What are the opportunities for innovation? Who is leading the way? How should the stakeholders establish and manage consumer expectations? How can you win in P2P today? You can learn about these very topics from the webinar.

We have had mobile P2P payments for about a decade now. The most popular P2P company just had an IPO 15 years after it launched the service. And, of course, we have had a number of almost-cashless options for international P2P—one of them being wire transfers—which seem to not go away despite their exorbitant costs.

Apart from the ones above, a lot of questions were addressed in the webinar. Listen to the recording to know what is happening in the P2P space.



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