LTP and StartSe Connect Brazilian FinTechs to the World

FinTechs now they have a chance to show their potential to investors around the world. Let’s Talk Payments (LTP) and StartSe, the largest ecosystem of Brazilian startups, have signed a partnership to connect Brazilian FinTechs to the world market.

The ecosystem of FinTechs in Brazil is growing rapidly. In April 2016, there were 130 financial startups; in January 2017 they were already 244, according to research firm FinTech Lab. It is an increase of no less than 87% in nine months.

And some of Brazilian FinTechs are catching the attention of the global market, such as NuBank and GuiaBolso, which are among the most innovative companies in the world, according to a KPMG survey.

Patrick Rivenbark, VP of Strategic Partnerships, said, We’re really excited to have such a great partnership with StartSe. We have two great, local journalists, Mariana Rodrigues and Silvio Crespo, helping spread the word about the great FinTech ecosystem in Brazil.


One of the pillars of the partnership between LTP and StartSe is the production of content about Brazilian FinTechs to attract the attention of global investors.

Let's Talk Payments will produce insights about the domestic market and interviews with key entrepreneurs, investors and industry influencers, with collaborators in the country. The contents will be in Portuguese and English.

The Portuguese version will be published here in the StartSe portal, which now has more than 1 million unique visitors per month. The same articles and interviews will be published in English on the LTP website and will be included in the company's newsletter which reaches 100,000+ industry professionals every day.


StartSe has a database of multi-segment startups in Brazil. LTP’s knowledge Network, MEDICI, tracks over 7,000 FinTechs, worldwide.

With the partnership, the Brazilian FinTechs will gain global visibility, while the foreign ones will become better known in Brazil.

The StartSe has more than 5,000 registered startups, ranging from early stage startups to fast scaling companies. Startse continues to grow its more than 6,500 investors and 2,200 mentors.

How to take part

If you have a FinTech, you can register it in the database of StartSe and MEDICI, so that it can be seen by investors and national and international companies.

And continue to access the StartSe portal to learn how FinTechs in Brazil and the world are reshaping the financial market.

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